Hotel Lug, Croatia
15/04/2016 - 17/04/2016


Turning Balkans into new economic powerhouse.

From the Conference

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Program of the conference


Ivan Bertović, chairman of Youth Liberals Croatia

chairman of Youth Liberals Croatia: parallels between Republic Dubrovnik and Liberland


Pavol Luptak

Impact of crypto-anarchy / sharing economy to our future

Society decentralization and rising of sharing economies when anyone in the world can fulfill requests and wishes of a random person, make useless the role of central government. Reputation models and escrow services make possible to enforce mutual digital contracts with no need of the geographically imposed legal system.

It is a time when you have friend or business relationships across the globe and share more interests with the random people from the different part of the planet than with your physical neighbours. The concept of authoritative geographical states is becoming obsolete.

The goal of the presentation is to estimate an impact of crypto-anarchy and sharing economy for the upcoming 5-10 years.


Sven Sambunjak

Liberland Can Be Croatia's Boon in Border Dispute with Serbia


Vit Jedlička

Ivan Bertović

Philip Saunders

Sven Sambunjak

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

Jeffrey Albert Tucker

Monika Chlumská

Jan Purkrábek

Adam Ernest Kaleb

Patrik Schumacher

Pavol Luptak

Dominik Stroukal

About the Conference

Hotel Lug

About the conference

At the occasion of celebrating one year anniversary of Free Republic of Liberland the conference discussing the potential economic power that Liberland can establish within the Balkan region is one of a kind. Some of the best capacities in field of libertarian politics, economics, philosophy, entrepreneurship will unite to propose some valuable ideas for the vision that Liberland brings.

The conference will revolve around the common national belief that free market in Liberland based on libertarian principles with minimal state regulations, voluntary taxation and few other aspects can turn itself into metaphor evoking that historically it would not be a first free state in the region and looking for comparisons to Republic of Dubrovnik


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